What We Do


We coordinate fundraising activities for Mfantsipim School in particular, and the Cape Coast Metropolitan area in general. For example, we have identified Junior High Schools in Cape Coast that feed students into Mfantsipim School annually.
We acquire and donate scientific equipment and ICT tools to Mfantsipim School, and fund scholarships, awards, prizes, teaching aids and mentoring projects.
We sustain the interest of Mfantsipim Old Boys in the diaspora by organising meetings and functions.
We support MOBA Year Groups in their respective Speech and Prize Giving Day activities.
Our signature event is the Annual Founders Day Thanksgiving Service and Luncheon held at the Methodist Central Hall Westminster in the last week of April. We also organise other events as deemed fit by the Foundation such as charity balls, barbecues, talks and symposia.

In August 2023, we donated science equipment to Mfantsipim School worth over $6000, comprising:

  • over 200 items made up of 25 microscopes, 16 bio viewers (junior microscopes), chemical reagents for chemistry lessons (sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, zinc sulphate, sodium thiosulfate, sodium bicarbonate volumetric solutions), over 22 measuring cylinders, burettes, conical and round bottom flasks, 24 beakers, glass beakers, 50 boiling tubes, Boyle’s law apparatus, over 60 pipettes, 20 heat proof masks, 90 goggles, a dozen Bunsen burners, calorimeter, heavy metals, tripods, clamp stands, wire gauze, test tube holders, pH meters, 500ml round bottom flask, distillation apparatus, concave and convex lenses, peak flow meters, specific gravity metals, connecting wires, embryological fetus, laboratory coats, textbooks, desiccator, thermometers, etc.
  • We had previously donated science equipment and digital printers in 2012;
  • The gallery on this website has photos of the donated equipment now being used in the Science Laboratory. Text of the speech given by our emissary Captain Joe Awuni who presented the equipment is also available (state which section on the website).

We have supported the MOBA 1998- and 1999-Year Groups in fundraising activities for their respective Speech and Prize Giving Days at Mfantsipim School.
We have maintained contact with some of the expatriate teachers who taught at Mfantsipim and are resident in the UK. We have visited and recorded their historical experiences and memories at Mfantsipim. In this regard, we conducted a rare interview at Dover with Dr F L Bartels who flew in from Paris on the eve of his 100th birthday in 2009; he was Headmaster of Mfantsipim from 1949-1961.
We brought headmaster Mr K M Edjah to the UK in April 2012 and exposed him to a selection of top schools in England. Details of his itinerary are in a specially prepared brochure in our News and Events section.
We liaise with the Headmaster, officials, related authorities, governing body and the Methodist Church of Ghana.