Mfantsipim Foundation BBQ 

BBQ | Popchain | Dance

Alumni bands from Mfantsipim School  & Adisadel College

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Join our Science Equipment Fundraiser

The fundraising initiative for the Science Laboratory at Mfantsipim School aims to acquire an additional 75 microscopes, reaching a total of 100 for both senior and junior labs, with an initial target cost of approximately £9,000. The Foundation’s broader goal is to raise £20,000 to enhance the overall improvement of the Science lab facilities.

Our primary focus is on providing students with the necessary tools to excel in their SSS exams and beyond and additionally, to gain practical experience fit for the real world.

In 2016, the school received generous support from donors, particularly for infrastructure upgrades in the senior and junior science laboratories. The Mfantsipim Foundation donated over 26 microscopes and various science equipment in August 2023, however, more needs to be accomplished and for this we need your generous support.

With your help, we are confident that we will meet our fundraising objectives.

Moreover, we are deeply committed to fostering collaboration amongst various schools. Our intention is to share our resources with other institutions, expanding educational opportunities beyond our own walls and benefiting students across multiple schools. Together, we can create a more enriching educational environment for all involved.